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Introduction to BCBIO

BCBIO (Guangzhou BCBIO Biotechnology Co., Ltd.) was established in 2009 to translate research at the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Biophysics into medical and biotechnology products and services. The company’s main focus at present is protein chip technology R&D, construction, marketing and services. Currently, our main product line is a series of M. tuberculosis protein chips, including a full proteome chip, and chips with secreted proteins, serine/threonine protein kinases, transcription factors, lipid metabolic pathways, PE/PPE family proteins, and virulence factors. Our M. tuberculosis proteome chips can be used in a range of TB-related research areas, including the systematic discovery of drug targets, serum biomarkers and new immunogens, research on pathogenic, drug, and drug resistance mechanisms, and the elucidation of host-pathogen interactions.

Introduction to our products
Translation of the results obtained from research on TB into products for the healthcare industry has good market potential and huge economic and social benefits. With the increase in multi-drug resistant (MDR) strains of M. tuberculosis, the effectiveness of existing vaccines and drugs is on the decline. For this reason, new vaccines, if proven effective in the prevention and treatment of tuberculosis, would bring significant economic and social benefits, both nationally and internationally. Our company has a unique M. tuberculosis high-purity proteome chip that contains most (> 4000) of the known proteins encoded by M. tuberculosis, providing >95% coverage of the M. tuberculosis H37Rv reference strain proteome. This proteome chip contains more M. tuberculosis proteins than any previously reported protein chip. All the proteins on the chip are solubly expressed and have been purified using a glutathione-based affinity purification system. The purity and activity of the proteins are intact. The chip can be used for global functional studies, including systems level discovery of drug target proteins, something that would be hard or impossible to do with other M. tuberculosis protein chips which have been reported.

Assurance of quality

Our company has a breadth of both domestic and overseas experience. We operate to ISO9000 quality management standards in product development, production, packaging, storage and transportation. Our corporate financial management, sales and logistics management practices follow high standards and we make unremitting efforts to continuously improve our operations in order to ensure that our products and services continue to satisfy our customers.

Research achievements

Our company’s core research team has been working together for more than 14 years. Our lead scientist is recognized as one of the top young scientific experts on M. tuberculosis in China. She has headed up the national Key Infectious Diseases project “Systematic discovery of TB immunogens and pre-clinical vaccine research” and is the Vice-Chair of the TB immunology basic research committee of the Anti-tuberculosis Society of China. She set up the Chinese TB Systems Biology and Translational Medicine Center, and has directed many national 973 projects and Chinese Academy of Sciences projects, publishing more than 70 scientific papers in international journals including Nature Genetics, Cell Reports, and Cell Research, and applying for 10 patents. She has also established an interdisciplinary research team of experienced scientists and clinicians to address problems currently encountered in the clinical treatment, prevention and control of TB, such as the low detection rate of TB, increasing drug resistance, the limited protection provided by the BCG vaccine, and the lack of drugs for treating latent TB.

Our research team includes basic research experts from the CAS Institute of Biophysics, Shanghai Jiaotong University, and CAS Wuhan Institute of Virology, clinicians from the Beijing Chest Hospital, and Foshan 4th People’s Hospital, TB prevention experts from the Chinese CDC, the Shanghai CDC and the Guangdong TB Prevention and Control System, and technical experts from BGI Shenzhen.

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